LGBTQ+ Health


The University of Miami is committed to ensuring that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) students thrive in an environment that is safe, inclusive, and supportive of their academic and personal goals. 

Student Health Service wants to empower our LGBTQ community in caring for your health. Here is some helpful information about common LGBTQ health concerns.

  • Confidentiality: All of the medical providers at the Student Health Service are open and eager to assist each student. This means that you can have an open conversation with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and all of your information will be kept private. Any disclosure to your PCP will only serve to improve the quality of care you receive.
  • Some of the topics may be difficult to discuss with your PCP, but remember we are here to help and you are not alone. You also have the option of having a chaperone come with you to your visits if you would like to have moral support.

Knowing what to talk to your provider about will help you to be proactive about your health. Educate yourself on what important information you need to know, and what types of resources are available to you by looking below.