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  • How do I decide whether to accept the University-sponsored health insurance or to choose another policy?

    All students must have adequate coverage. Although the University-sponsored plan is specifically designed for UM students and provides enhanced services when care is provided at the Student Health, other policies may provide advantages for individual students. Please carefully review the insurance brochure with special attention to coverage, exclusions, limitations, and pre-existing condition clauses and choose the alternative that best meets your individual needs. If you decide to waive the University-sponsored plan, please do so before the established deadlines and remember to renew the waiver prior to each Fall semester.

  • Do I need to purchase University-sponsored health insurance to receive care at the Student Health Service?

    No, you are not required to purchase University-sponsored insurance to be eligible for care.

  • Do I have to pay to be seen at the Student Health Service?

    Students who have paid the Health and Counseling Centers Fee or the Medical Student Coral Gables Health Fee are eligible to receive care at the Student Health Service. You are not required to have a University-sponsored health insurance plan in order to utilize the services of Student Health.  Routine visits and many other services are provided at NO CHARGE to eligible students. Charges for other services can be submitted for payment to most insurance companies.

  • What types of services are provided at the Student Health Service?

    The Student Health Center provides primary care clinical services and specialty services such as women's health, travel visits, and allergy injections. Most primary care services and many routine lab tests are provided free of charge. Specialty care services, x-rays, and other lab tests are offered at reasonable charges.

  • If I choose not to buy the University-sponsored health insurance, will you bill my insurance plan?

    For students insured by the insurance companies that we are unable to bill (out of state HMO's, international insurance plans, Medicaid, Medicare) students will receive a statement from UHEALTH indicating the amount due for services rendered.  Students covered by Cigna or Humana who want charges to be submitted to either of these insurance companies will need to designate us as their primary care provider.  Front desk staff can assist with this process.  Please notify the Front Desk staff if you do NOT want us to bill their insurance provider.

    In many situations, and always for students with the University-sponsored Aetna, the amount collected from the insurance provider will be considered full payment. In other situations, there may be a balance after the insurance claim has been processed. In other situations, there may be a balance after the insurance claim has been processed. In other situations, there may be a balance after the insurance claim has been processed.

    A statement of charges can be viewed at Once charges have been submitted to your insurance company and the claim has been processed, you will receive an explanation of benefits (E.O.B.) from your insurance provider. If you have any remaining balance after your insurance claim has been processed, the remaining balance will be added to your student account.