Getting the Most from your Insurance Plan

The Student Health Insurance Plan includes a range of benefits that are designed specifically for the services offered by the Student Health Service, Counseling Center, and other University of Miami facilities.

To obtain the greatest benefits, students must make initial appointments/healthcare arrangements with Student Health Service so that the appropriate treatments can be administered or referrals issued. Exceptions to this approach include medical emergencies, maternity care, when away from campus, or when Student Health Service is closed. 

Benefits of the plan include:

  • No annual or lifetime maximum benefit limits.
  • Lower co-insurance for inpatient services and outpatient surgery at University of Miami Hospital, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (10% co-insurance at these University of Miami facilities compared to 30% co-insurance at other in-network facilities).
  • Four-tier prescription drug benefit, with the lowest pharmacy co-payments available at the Lennar Walgreens Pharmacy.
  • Maintenance medications are available via mail-order from Aetna (CVS Caremark) (3-month supply for 2 ½ co-pays).
  • Hormonal contraception is available according to the Aetna Student Health formulary, including zero co-pay options at the Student Health Service and at other participating pharmacies.
  • No limitation on the number of days/visits for Mental Health coverage.
  • Virtual visits are available for after-hours non-emergency care.


Insurance Cards

Digital insurance cards are available 3 buisness days after the insurance charge and all tution and fees have been paid. 
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Travel Benefits

Through participation in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you are eligible for global emergency medical assistance services when traveling 100 miles or more from your principal residence. 

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Forms and Brochures

Access all forms and brochures related to the Student Health Insurance Plan

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Tips to Get the Most from your Plan

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  • Be informed

    Read the relevant brochures and documentation related to your plan to be aware of basic coverage, co-payments and deductibles, policy limits, exclusions, and pre-existing condition limits. Certain medical costs may not be covered by the policy, and verification of insurance does not constitute a promise to pay non-covered charges.

  • Visit Student Health Service

    Services provided by Student Health Service will usually be more affordable than those provided elsewhere.

  • Call Student Health Service as soon as possible after any emergency room visit or hospitalization

    If you are referred to a specialist, consider returning to SHS for necessary lab tests and basic x-rays. These services and most other forms of follow-up care can be completed at SHS and are likely to be more affordable than other providers.

  • Arrange for in-network specialty care

    UHealth specialists are considered in-network under the Student Health Insurance Plan, and appointments can be scheduled at 305-243-4000. Other Aetna Student Health providers can be found via

  • Use the on-campus pharmacy

    The Lennar Foundation Medical Center, where Student Health Services is located, offers a Walgreens Pharmacy that you are encouraged to use whenever possible. Also, consider asking your physician or other providers to prescribe generic or other affordable medications.

  • Save all documentation

    Keep copies of all bills, checks, credit card receipts, Explanation of Benefits forms (E.O.B.'s), other materials. When reviewing your insurance claim forms or medical billing statements, determine your share of all charges and pay promptly to avoid penalties or referral to collection agencies.

  • Follow up with your provider

    To avoid surprise bills or late payment notices, encourage your physician, hospital, or other providers to promptly submit bills and provide necessary clarification about any unexpected charges. Conversely, be sure to promptly respond to any of your providers' requests for additional information.

  • Ask for help

    Contact Aetna Student Health for any and all questions related to your insurance plan and billing. If these efforts are unsuccessful, contact Student Health Service at 305-284-1652 or