Graduating Students

Since the Student Health Insurance Plan is only available for domestic undergraduate students enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester, full-time domestic graduate students, and currently enrolled international students, graduating seniors—or other students leaving the University—are encouraged to seek alternative coverage well before the termination of their current plan. Annual policies terminate August 14 (June 20 for MD and MD/MPH students).

Students with the University-sponsored plan who are scheduled to graduate at the end of the fall semester can request to be charged for the fall semester only by completing an insurance fee exception form by September 1. Students who request to be charged for the fall only but remain enrolled will be subject to the spring/summer insurance fee.

Obtaining Health Insurance

Under healthcare regulations, many graduating students can obtain coverage under their parents' insurance plans. More information about this option and other alternatives is available at

Additionally, information about short-term coverage is available from eHealth, or UnitedHealthcare by calling 1-844-635-2495.