International Students

All international students are required to enroll in the University-sponsored health insurance program regardless of credit load. The annual premium for this coverage is added to each student's fees.


  • International students who are residing outside of the United States are not eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan. Please email for further assistance with removing the health insurance charge.
  • International students sponsored by their embassy must waive the Student Health Insurance Plan because coverage is provided by the sponsoring embassy. Please follow the waiver instructions available on the information page for domestic students.

Optional Practical Training/Scholars

International students who are no longer enrolled at the University but remain in the United States to engage in post-completion F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) or post-completion J-1 Academic Training may continue their Student Health Insurance Plan if they originally purchased a plan that continues beyond the completion of their studies. To verify the termination date of your insurance plan, please call 866-639-1420 or log on to If your insurance is no longer in effect, you may enroll for continued insurance.

Scholars, OPT/AT who would like to enroll in the school’s insurance plan must enroll directly through Aetna’s Secure Portal. Scholars will need to login using the numerical portion of your SEVIS #. For example, for SEVIS # N0123456789, you would enter 0123456789. Please contact Aetna’s customer service team (866-639-1420) after submitting your enrollment application should you have any further questions. Insurance cards can be obtained after enrollment has been completed. Scholars are able to print or upload a digital insurance card from the Aetna portal.

After enrolling, Aetna will verify your eligibility with the Office of International Students and Scholar Services. Confirming your eligibility will require:

  • F-1 and J-1 students: employment authorization document (EAD) from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • F-1 students only: Form I-20
  • J-1 students only: Form DS-2919

Aetna will notify you if there is an issue or if you are denied by sending you a cancellation letter and any paid premium will be returned to you.

Although insurance coverage can continue during OPT or Academic Training, access to the Student Health Service is limited to enrolled students. Expenses incurred off-campus will be subject to deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance. Please review the Aetna schedule of benefits for information on benefits, exclusions, and limitations of coverage.

Please call Aetna customer service 1-866-639-1420 for additional information after you have submitted your enrollment form.